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JOOLA is official table supplier for the European Championships 2011

20.12.10 After the European Championships 2010 in Ostrava JOOLA will again supply the tables for European Championshiops 2011.

Held from Saturday 8th to Sunday 16th October 2011 in the cities of Gdansk and Sopot, the newly built Ergo Arena will be the principal venue. It is the first time that an event of such a size has been staged in Poland.

“We look forward to a successful partnership with Joola, which will result in fantastic championships in Poland." - said the Polish Table Tennis Association’s President Andrzej Kawa. "Joola is very proud to be the table supplier for the European Championships in Poland. We will give our best to make the European Championships in Poland very, very successful for the Polish table tennis and for the European table tennis as well. We are also sure that our cooperation with the Polish Table Tennis Association and Organising Committee will be very smooth and pleasant" - said Joola Promotion Director Andreas Hain when signing the contract in Warsaw .

Detailed information regarding the European Championships 2011 on

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Using Butterfly Free Chack

พอดีผมเพิ่งหัดลองใช้ กาวน้ำของ Butterfly ครับ เกือบทำยางพังไปหนึ่งแผ่น เพราะตอนทากาว กาวที่ทาไปมันดันข้นๆ (ไม่ได้เขย่าขวดก่อน) แล้วแห้งตอนผมทาครับ มันเลยเป็นก้อนๆตามจุดต่างๆทั่วยาง แต่ผมตัดสินใจแปะตัดยางใหม่ และเล่นไปก่อนครับทั้งๆที่เห็นหน้ายางมันตะปุ่มตะปั่มไม่เรียบ ดีที่กาวน้ำมันไม่ทำอะไรกับยาง ฟ้องน้ำพลุนของผม ผมจึงลอกกาวเก่าออกแล้วติดใหม่ จึงนำวีดีโอนี้มาให้เพื่อนๆดูก่อนทำครับจะได้ไม่เสียเวลาลองผิดลองถูกแบบผม

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World Championships 2011, the Lines are Now Open

Wang Hao, the defending Men's Singles
champion Photo By: tabletennisphotos.com
Hosted by the Netherlands Table Tennis Association and staged in the Ahoy Rotterdam Arena and Exhibition Centre in from Sunday 8th May to Sunday 15th May; entries can now be made for the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships.

Each field on the entry form must be completed in full and entries must be made on-line by accessing www.ittf.com/entries/2011; this also applies to national associations who are not entering players but are sending delegates to the Annual General Meeting.

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 8th March 2011.

An intention to enter by National Associations should be received by Saturday 8th January 2011.

Modifications but No Additional Entries
No additional entries will be accepted after Tuesday 8th March 2011 but modifications to entries can be made using the on-line system before Friday 15th April 2011.

Any modifications after Friday 15th April 2011 may be made using the “Modifications to Entry Form” document and must be received by12.00 hours local time on Thursday 5th May 2011.

Code and Password
The codes and passwords are the same as used at previous World Championships and for making ITTF Pro Tour entries.

A photocopy of passport, an accreditation photograph (4cm x 3cm) and the city of visa application have to be provided for visa and accreditation purposes.

Time Zone
Note that in May 2011, Central European Summer Time (CEST) will apply in the Netherlands; which is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and one hour ahead of British Summer Time (BST).

The World Championships in 2011 will comprise the five individual events - Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

First Round Proper
In the first round proper of Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles there will be 128 places and in the first round proper of Men’s and Women’s Doubles there will be 64 places.

The first round proper of the Men’s and Women’s Singles events and the Mixed Doubles will comprise 64 seeded players, 32 direct entries and 32 qualifiers.

Meanwhile the Men’s and Women’s Doubles events will each comprise 32 seeds, 16 direct entries and 16 qualifiers.

Qualification for the Men’s and Women’s Singles events will initially comprise groups followed by preliminary rounds if needed; qualification for all doubles events will be by knockout.

All singles matches will be best of seven games; whilst all doubles matches will be best of five games in the qualification stage and best of seven games in the main draw.

Acknowledgement of Entry
An acknowledgment of the receipt of entry forms and any updates will be sent by e-mail. If this confirmation has not been received, the ITTF should be notified by e-mail to: mo@ittf.com

Prospectus for 2011 World Championships
System of Play for 2011 World Championships
Modification of Entries for 2011 World Championships (to be used after Friday 15th April and before Thursday 5th May 2011
ITTF Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures

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Volkswagen 2010 World Junior Table Tennis Championships

The fight for fifth place in the Girls’ Team event at the Volkswagen World Junior Championships in Bratislava, on the morning of Tuesday 7th December 2010, provided the most intense competition as four teams strove for the coveted place.

Bernadette Szocs beat Chen Szu-Yu to secure
a Romanian win  Photo By: Rémy Gros
Pride was at stake; the same four countries – China, Japan, Korea, Germany – had shown their prowess on the first three days of competition; in both the Boys’ Team and Girls’ Team events they provided the semi-finalists.

Furthermore, with Germany being the sole European representative of the medallists, the contest for fifth place was a chance for the “old continent” to challenge the might of Asia.

Honours Even
At the end of the day it was honours even with Romania and Hong Kong on course for the fifth spot; whilst for Hungary and Chinese Taipei, the end result was that the two much face each other one day hence to determine seventh place.

The victory recorded by Romania over Chinese Taipei was somewhat against the odds with Chinese Taipei moving into a two matches to nil lead following a brace of four-nil wins.

Cheng I-Ching beat Bernadette Szocs and Chen Szu-Yu accounted for Camelia Postoaca before matters totally turned.

Matters Turned
Andrada Vincze and Camelia Postoaca recorded respective four games to nil wins over Chang Ya-Chuan and Cheng I-Ching leaving Bernadette Szocs the task of completing the recovery.

She duly obliged; she beat Chen Szu-Yu in the only contest of the duel that was decided in straight games.

Success for Europe but in the battle between Hong Kong and Hungary, it was Asia that held sway.

Ng Wing Nam
Eighteen year old Ng Wing Nam proved the backbone of Hong Kong’s success; she beat both Dora Madarasz and with the score in the fixture level at two-all, she defeated Krisztina Ambrus.

The one further win for Hong Kong came from Guan Meng Yuan, in the third match of proceedings, she overcame, Mercedes Nagyvaradi but it was close; the match went the full five games distance with the minimal two point margin being the deciding factor in the final game.

Somewhat surprisingly, it was Lee Ho Ching, who has been playing in ITTF Global Junior Programme competitions since late October 2005 when she appeared for Asia in the ITTF Cadet Challenge, who suffered defeats.

She was beaten by both Krisztina Ambrus and Dora Mararasz.

Positions Known
Positions five to eight are still to be determined but from ninth onwards, the final order is known.

Egypt (Nadeen El-Dawlatly, Dina Meshref, Sara El-Sokary) beat France (Stéphanie Loeuillette, Anaïs Leveque, Alice Abbat) to secure 9th place; whilst Serbia (Dijana Holok, Anelia Lupulesku, Andrea Todorovic) defeated the Czech Republic (Karin Adamkova, Katerina Tomanovska, Dagmar Blaskova) to secure 11th position.

In a similar hard fought vein Russia (Anna Blazhko, Yana Noskova, Anna Rossikhina) reserved 13th place by beating Poland (Katarzyna Slifirczyk, Maja Krzewicka, Klaudia Kusinska) with the United States (Lily Zhang, Erica Wu, Prachi Jha) concluding matters in 15th spot ahead of the Slovak Republic (Eva Jurkova, Maria Krazelova, Barbora Balazova).

South American in Form
Meanwhile Brazil (Caroline Kumahara, Karia Kawai, Bruna Alexandre) accounted for Australia (Anna Du, Lily Phan, Vy Bui) to clinch 17th place; with Peru (Maria Soto, Angela Mori, Nadia Quinonez) overcoming New Zealand (Natalie Paterson, Dawn Ee, Lisa Yue) to secure the 19th berth.

Girls’ Team
Semi-Finals (Places 1-4) China 3-0 Korea; Germany 0-3 Japan
Places 5-8 Chinese Taipei 2-3 Romania; Hong Kong 3-2 Hungary
Places 9-10 France 1-3 Egypt
Places 11-12 Serbia 3-0 Czech Republic
Places 13-14 Poland 2-3 Russia
Places 15-16 U.S.A. 3-1 Slovak Republic
Places 17-18 Brazil 2-3 Australia
Places 19-20 Peru 3-1 New Zealand

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Ahmed Ali Saleh and Sarah Hanffou Crowned Champions in Yaoundé

Egypt’s Ahmed Ali Saleh and the host nation’s Sarah Hanffou won the respective Men’s and Women’s Singles titles at the ITTF-African Championships in the Cameroon capital city of Yaound้, to bring matters in the five day tournament to a close on Friday 26th November 2010.
Ahmed Ali Saleh, the Men's Singles winner at
the 2010 ITTF-African Championships
Photo By: Courtesy of Lekan Okusan

At the final hurdle Ahmed Ali Saleh beat compatriot Omar Assar to secure the Men’s Singles title for the third time in his career; whilst Sarah Hanffou overcame Nigeria’s Offiong Edem to clinch Women’s Singles gold.

It was for Sarah Hanffou her first ever title at an African Senior Championships and a first ever for Cameroon; the win could not have been more appropriate.

“I never expected I would beat Nigeria’s Edem Offiong in the final because I had been told that she is one of the best players in Africa; however, when she won the first two games, the fans really inspired me and this put lots of pressure on my opponent”, reflected Sarah Hanffou. “I think the fans really contributed to my success today and I want to thank all Cameroonians for supporting me throughout the match.”

Great support but of course Sarah Hanffou responded to that support; she delivered.

Toughest Match
“The toughest match was against Congo Brazzaville’s Han Xing; it was very difficult for me to come back from three-one down and carry the day”, continued a delighted champion. “I am indeed happy that I made my country proud.”

Undoubtedly for both Sarah Hanffou and Cameroon it was a proud day.

Careless Mistakes
Delight for Sarah Hanffou but Richard Edem, the coach of Offiong Edem was not too enamoured with the performance of his player.

“I think Edem Offiong was careless because I told her to play to her opponent’s forehand but she kept playing to her backhand which is her major weapon”, he explained. “At the beginning she was playing to instructions and in the third game, which she should have won, she lost; this gave the Cameroonian lots of confidence, for me I don’t think the fans had anything to do with the victory, it was just that my player was careless.”

Success for Egypt
It was gold for Cameroon, silver for Nigeria but in the other three finals to be contested on the concluding day of action it was gold and silver for Egypt.

In addition to the victory of Ahmed Ali Saleh over Omar Assar in the Men’s Singles final, Emad Moselhi partnered Omar Assar to Men’s Doubles victory against El-Sayed Lashin and Ahmed Ali Saleh; whilst in the Women’s Doubles final, the paring of Nadeen El-Dawlatly and Sara El-Sokary overcame Sara Hassan and Reen El-Shobary.

A Return after Surgery
“I am very happy to have won this competition, having returned to the game after a six months layoff because of surgery; it is my first competition after returning to the game, I am indeed very happy to win this title again”, said Ahmed Ali Saleh. “It was a bit difficult for me in the final playing against my teammate, because we had been training together before the event and we both know each other’s strengths and weaknesses; of the previous titles I have won at the African Championships, I think this is the most difficult.”

Delighted Teenager
A more than delighted Ahmed Ali Saleh and equally there was a delighted Nadeen El-Dawlatly.

“I cannot believe that we won at my first African Senior Championships and winning a gold medal is very encouraging”, said the Egyptian teenager. “Indeed I am very happy that I collected a gold medal in these Championships.”

More than Consolation
Certainly the success for Nadeen El-Dawlatly was another step forward whilst for Emad Moselhi, the Men’s Doubles success was more than consolation.

“Most definitely, I am very excited about winning the doubles event after losing narrowly to Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri in the singles”, said Emad Moselhi. “After losing the singles event, I was able to calm myself and concentrate on the doubles; I’m delighted to have won the gold medal.”

A Proud Day for Cameroon
Gold for Emad Moselhi in a tournament where the Egyptian male players were dominant; as for the women, Nigeria, Egypt and Congo Brazzaville all demonstrated their prowess but at the end of the day, the heroine was Sara Hanffou.

Three titles for Egypt on day five but the day belonged to Sarah Hanffou, the day belonged to Cameroon.