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Ma Long Captures German Open Men’s Singles Crown in Battle of Elite

China’s 21 year Ma Long won the Men’s Singles title at the German Open in Berlin on Sunday 21st March 2010 beating Chinese national team compatriot, Wang Hao, at the final hurdle, in a contest between the two players who occupy first and second places respectively on the ITTF Men’s World Rankings.

It was the 13th time that Ma Long had appeared in a Men’s Singles final on the ITTF Pro Tour and he maintained his very high conversion record of successes.

Ma Long simply superb in Berlin  Photo By: Ireneusz Kanabrodzki
Only twice has he lost at the final hurdle.

In Berlin he succeeded in five games; he won 15-13, 8-11, 11-7, 11-6, 11-7.

Early Stages
The first game saw both players have their chances to take an early lead but it was Ma Long who seized the chance.

He won the game 15-13.

A close victory, confidence grows and are on full flow; it was not to be the case in the second game. It was the reverse. Wang Hao won the first five points before Ma Long troubled the scorers.

It seemed that Wang Hao was going to run away with matters; it was not to be the case, Ma Long re-grouped, he levelled at 7-all and then went ahead 8-7. It was at that stage that Wang Hao regrouped.

Attacking consistently, especially from the backhand, he won four points in a row to secure the game. It was parity.

Third Game
A lightning start by Wang Hao in the second game and in the third game it was Ma Long who made the faster start.

He won the first three points and maintained his lead at 10-6 as he forced Wang Hao back from the table; at the second opportunity he converted the game point.

Winning the third game had given Ma Long a major boost, in the fourth game he was dynamic, positive from the very first point.

He gave Wang Hao minimal time to react; he was the quicker to attack. Words synonymous with “got it” greeted every success as he built a commanding lead.

The forehand was in top gear as he established a 10-3 lead; Wang Hao saved three match points as perhaps Ma Long suffered from a bout of over confidence. However, soon body, mind and soul were together, he won the next point and held a two games advantage.

Time Outs
In the zone, determined and brimful of confidence Ma Long won the first five points of the fifth game.

Wang Hao called “Time Out”, the contest was slipping away from Wang Hao faster than water descending the Niagara Falls.

The crowd tried to lift Wang Hao but Ma Long was not to be denied; Wang Hao reduced the deficit to 6-2, Ma Long called “Time Out”, collected his thoughts, continued with the cry of “got it” and moved ahead 9-6, Wang Hao having reduced the deficit to 8-6.

Match Point
At 10-7 Ma Long held match point, an errant forehand from Wang Hao, the ball flew long and the contest was over. It was gold for Ma Long.

In so doing he moved one place closer to narrowing the gap in contests against Wang Hao in world ranking events.

Previous Meetings
The confrontation in Berlin was the 18th time to two had faced each other in world ranking events with the overall balance of power being in favour of Wang Hao.

He had won 11 of their 17 previous duels; however, the more pertinent point was that of the most recent six meetings, Ma Long had won five times; the one to go astray being arguably to most important.

In May 2009 he was beaten in five games by Wang Hao in their semi-final duel at the H.I.S. World Championships in Yokohama.

Most Recent
However, their most recent encounter had gone his way, later in the same month he won in seven games in the final of the Asian Cup.

In Berlin, he won again.

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ผลการแข่งขัน Thailand Super Match 2010

พลเอกอาชวินทร์ เศวตเศรนี ที่ปรึกษาฝ่ายกีฬาเทเบิลเทนนิสอาชีพ
ให้เกียรติมอบถ้วยรางวัลชนะเลิศให้กับทีมกองทัพบก หลังจากในรอบ
ชิงชนะเลิศเอาชนะทีม STIGA ไปได้ด้วยคะแนนสูสี 4 : 3

ดูภาพบรรยากาศ คลิกที่นี้

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African Countries Set to Benefit from Paris Initiative

Organised successfully by the Development Department of the International Table Tennis Federation in conjunction with the French Table Tennis Federation, an ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course was staged over a two day period in Paris on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th Match 2010.

In charge of proceedings in the French capital city, a centre for fashion, business, industry and culture as well as being recognised as the world’s most visited city, was Leandro Olvech, the ITTF Co-ordinator of Development Programmes.

Home for the programme was l'Institut National du Sport et de l'Education Physique (INSEP) and the splendid Headquarters of the French Table Tennis Federation.

Deliver Courses in French
A total of eight students attended the course, three being women with the goal being to increase the number of French speaking Course Conductors able to deliver the ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course.

“The main aim of the programme was to prepare more French speaking course conductors able to deliver courses in Africa; all the participants were well prepared, being professional full time workers in table tennis”, explained Leandro Olvech. “Some of them are regional development officers; they just needed to be educated with regards the ITTF system and philosophies for development and administrative procedures; we hope to allocate them to deliver courses in French speaking African countries.”

Therefore, creating a consistent approach with everybody “singing from the same hymn sheet” was a main aspect of the two day programme whilst also making sure that everyone was up-to-date.

Para Table Tennis Element
“There was also specific education about Para Table Tennis”, continued Leandro Olvech. “Three currently active ITTF course conductors joined this course in order to be able to deliver the Para Table Tennis module in the future, instead of just teaching conventional table tennis; they were Karima Tellaa, Isabelle Thibaud and Etienne Guicherd.”

Positive Response
All three responded in a positive manner.

“I am happy to learn about Para Table Tennis”, said Karima Tellaa. We saw many new things; I can then pass it on in Algeria, my home land, and in future courses.”

Equally, Etienne Guichard was delighted. “It was a very good initiative from the International Table Tennis Federation and especially the ITTF Development Programme, now I’m looking forward to pass on the information.”

Delighted Course Conductor
Two delighted Course Conductors and a well satisfied Course Instructor.
“Very often we are in contact with national associations to organize courses”, explained Leandro Olvech. “I was pleased to meet them face to face and to know that they can provide an even better service to the African national associations and federations.”

We live an age of rapid communications thanks to mobile telephones that accept and send e-mails and computers that crash without any logical reason but contact is and will always be the best form of

Vote of Thanks
“The course could not have been organized without the local support provided by the French Table Tennis Federation and in particular, Claude Bergeret, responsible for the Federation’s International Relationships”, concluded Leandro Olvech. “Her efforts were outstanding; also Gilles Corbion, the FFTT Deputy Technical Director, he played a major role; my thanks to both of them and all the participants!”

A very successful course and, thanks to Leandro Olvech and the efforts of the ITTF Development Department, the opportunities for French speaking Africa have been suitably enhanced; another door has been opened.

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ทีมเยาวชนหญิงไทย ตะลุย คว้า 2 แชมป์

รายการ2010 Swedish Junior & Cadet Open และรายการ 38th Safir International Tournament ณ ประเทศสวีเดน ระหว่างวันที่ 24 – 28 กุมภาพันธ์ 2553 “น้องหญิง” สุธาสินี เสวตบุตร นักกีฬาทีมชาติไทย และ “น้องแตงโม” ธมลวรรณ เขตต์เขื่อน สองสาวน้อยของไทยสามารถคว้าแชมป์18 ปี และ 14 ปี ส่วนหนุ่มน้อย “น้องไบส์” ภาดาศักดิ์ ตันวิริยะเวชกุล เต็มที่แล้วได้รองแชมป์

ผลการแข่งขัน Swedish Junior & Cadet Open
Örebro, Sweden, February 26th – 28th 2010

สุธาสินี เสวตบุตร
รุ่นไม่เกิน 18 ปี เข้ารอบ 8 คนสุดท้าย

ผลการแข่งขัน38th Safir International Tournament
Örebro, Sweden, February 26th – 28th 2010

สุธาสินี เสวตบุตร
รุ่นทั่วไป เข้ารอบ 8 คนสุดท้าย
รุ่นไม่เกิน 21 ปี อันดับที่ 3
รุ่นไม่เกิน 18 ปี ชนะเลิศ

ธมลวรรณ เขตต์เขื่อน
รุ่นไม่เกิน 14 ปี ชนะเลิศ

ภาดาศักดิ์ ตันวิริยะเวชกุล
รุ่นไม่เกิน 14 ปี รองชนะเลิศ